Terms and Conditions of Hire
It is the responsibility of the person who is hiring the equipment from Party with Gracie, to ensure that all of the following safety instructions are adhered to in order to avoid injury or possible damage to the equipment.  
1. The  soft play equipment is designed for use by children under 5 years of age .You are to ensure that the equipment is kept in a clean condition.
2. No food or drinks or chewing gum to be allowed on or near the equipment which will avoid choking and mess . You are advised that if there is excessive mess on the equipment then an additional cleaning fee of $50 will be charged. Whilst we are happy to perform routine cleaning, additional cleaning takes more time and will be charged accordingly.
3. All shoes, glasses, jewellery, badges MUST be removed before using the equipment.
4. Do not allow any substances to come into contact with the equipment. This includes face paint, bubbles, liquids, etc.


5. No smoking or animals near the equipment.
6. A responsible adult must supervise the equipment at all times and ensure that it is being used within the parameters explained by one of the Party with Gracie staff upon delivery. Please ensure equipment is not moved once set up as damage may occur.
7. Always ensure that the ball pit is not overcrowded, and limit numbers according to the age and size of children using it. Try to avoid large and small children from using it at the same time.
8. Party with Gracie is NOT to be held liable for any injury incurred whilst using the equipment.
9. The hirer is responsible for any damage to the equipment, this includes any costs further to the bond already received. Any repairs needing to be made due to damage are to be paid for by the hirer within 30 days. The Bond will not be returned.
11. Do not allow anyone to be on the equipment until it is completely set up. Once it is being disassembled again ensure it is not used as it may be dangerous.
12. No pets, toys or sharp instruments to be allowed on or near the equipment.
13. You will ensure that children do not wear shoes whilst using the equipment.
14. Plan so that an area of 2 metres (6 feet) around the area is completely clear
16. Cancellation terms apply once a booking has been confirmed (receipt of deposit). If the party was cancelled within 7 days of hire, then the all monies will be forfeited. Cancellations in excess of 7 days prior to the event will be issued a credit for the amount of the booking fee and may be used to re-book within a period of 6 months after the initial booking date.


By transferring your bond to secure your booking, you are acknowledging that you agree with the above terms and conditions of hire.

We Look forward to creating a fun and exciting day for your child!